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Existing functionality in MATLAB is required to be converted into a more accessible system. Staff want to be able to section up an assessment, and then apply weighting to each section. The tool also needs to have the functionality to mark the assessments and aggregate the marks and weighting together to give a final grade. The tool needs to be able to be used to populate individual feedback let […]

A prototype system has been developed to aid in the understanding of how multiple markers can aggregate feedback for presentations. The prototype system allows presentation markers to select appropriate feedback from established assessment criteria for presentations together with free text during the presentation. Feedback can then be emailed to each presenter as required afterwards.


A new 3 page quick start guide has been developed to cover the key aspects of CASPA for busy academics and is available via the CASPA website. New staff and student guides are currently being developed and will be amended as further CASPA enhancements progress.

CASPA is now being used by Wolfson, CBE, AACME, EESE and Design School. Support has been given to each of these schools includ […]

Enhancements to CASPA are planned, based on user requests.


CASPA is an online system that enables staff to schedule all types of degree programme and module assessments and to record student submissions of physical items of coursework. It is a large web based application with interfaces to the University's Student Information System (LUSI). CASPA can be accessed on and off campus by staff in order to schedule module and programme assessments and to v […]

CASPA is the Coursework and Assessment Scheduler for Programme Administration developed by CEDE (Centre for Engineering and Design Education). The system can be accessed on and off campus and allows staff to schedule any type of module assessment including physical, virtual (Learn/TurnItIn), performance, presentation, examination, laboratory, workshop etc. Students can use CASPA to view their a […]

What is Co-Tutor?

Co-Tutor is a Student & Staff Relationship Management (SSRM) system and is used by academic staff and administrators, at Loughborough University (UK), to communicate with and manage personal tutees, project students, industrial placement activities, postgraduate research supervision and course cohorts. It is a large PHP/MySQL web application with interfaces to the Un […]

Many individual and group coursework assignments are marked by teams of academic tutors. Achieving a consistency in marking can be a challenge where markers have differences in opinion as to what constitutes a specific grade. Grade descriptors help but are not always consistently applied and are very difficult to write to cover a multitude of tasks.

This aimed to adapt existing School […]

Options to simplify the process of generating, approving and storing COSHH forms were explored in this small project. Commercial software solutions were investigated together with ways to utilise existing in-house technology tools will be explored.

The departmental Safety Officer was interviewed to understand better the process of COSHH form generation, approval and storage. The in-hous […]

A workshop for Engineering and Design Educators was held on 16th January 2012 by the Centre for Engineering and Design Education at Loughborough University as part of the Centre’s EDEN (Engineering and Design Educators Network) seminar series and funded by the HE Academy. Focusing on learning and teaching issues from an engineering and design perspective, EDEN is intended to provide practitio […]

Research was undertaken capturing examples of innovation and effective practice within lab-based teaching and learning. It also focused on best practice when undertaking laboratory refurbishment or rebuild. The investigation included laboratory design, multiple usage, new teaching methods, remote labs, virtual laboratories/simulations etc. The research captured, where available, examples of re […]

This project initially investigated good practice for the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning for engineering students. A comprehensive review of the literature was undertaken with publications classified into content delivery, lecture capture, mobile applications, MOOC's, remote laboratories, software, general reports on technology enhanced learning, ePortfolios, writing for wik […]

A project for the School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering (AACME) to standardise the admin processes, forms and methods of support for placement activity across its three departments using the Service Design approach.

1. Background

The project adopted a Service Design approach to standardize the student placement processes across the AACME depart […]

A google docs system has been developed which allows staff to record their generic exam feedback and automatically amalgamates the feedback into a single sorted document that can then be placed on the School home Learn page (or similar).


Appropriate grade descriptors and assessment criteria for presentations in The Design School have been developed. In addition, a bank of feedback comments to be used by staff have also been compiled. The feasibility of an automated system has been investigated and user requirements have been determined.


Minor updates to the system were developed for the Chemical Engineering Department. New fields for the project editing form and a new report enabling a view the back office information contained in those fields were delivered.


This project was initiated to review how some Department of Materials laboratory activities are delivered and propose new ways of delivery to enhance the student experience.

Laboratory sessions were observed, interviews with staff and students conducted and a literature review undertaken. The laboratory scripts were reviewed and a visual brand developed for all laboratory-related docume […]

This project seeks to assess the new Systems Engineering distance learning module to capture the staff and student perspective and thereby to extend good practice to enhance other teaching elements.

The project objectives are to:

  • 1. Evaluate ELP660 from the perspective of: Participating Students, Module Leaders/Specialist Lecturers, Module Helpers, Fee payers (employers) […]

The activity comprises a series of updates to the existing WebPA system to include the recording of student comments and developments for a new scoring system for group work.


The WebPA system will be enhanced to enable students to be randomly assigned to groups.


A successful “Apps for Impact” workshop was hosted in June 2014 attended by delegates from across the university. A number of presenters addressed different approaches to developing an app for higher education.

Nicola Beddall-Hill from CEDE shared her experiences in the design, material creation and assisted development of an app produced as part of the EPSRC Science and Heritage pr […]

In April 2014, CEDE hosted a workshop run jointly with The Open University, with funding support from HEA STEM. The workshop was entitled “Enhancing the practical skills of engineering undergraduates - where can technology help?”. The format was very interactive with breakout discussions focusing on what practical work students do currently, what the Intended Learning Outcomes are, and to w […]