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Project Portfolio

Research was undertaken capturing examples of innovation and effective practice within lab-based teaching and learning. It also focused on best practice when undertaking laboratory refurbishment or rebuild. The investigation included laboratory design, multiple usage, new teaching methods, remote labs, virtual laboratories/simulations etc. The research captured, where available, examples of re […]

This project is an extension of best practice from the earlier laboratory refresh project in Department of Materials to other departments in AACME School, to enhance the student laboratory experience. An assessment was made of how to adapt the Materials laboratory refresh model to the other parts of the School.

Semi-structured interviews were held with staff and students to capture thei […]

The activity comprises the collection of information about current practice for delivering lab-based learning and assessment.

Expected outcome

This activity will generate proposals about delivering key skills and plugging gaps where they exist.


Outputs for the system will be

  • details of current lab-based learning practices in the S […]

This project was initiated to review how some Department of Materials laboratory activities are delivered and propose new ways of delivery to enhance the student experience.

Laboratory sessions were observed, interviews with staff and students conducted and a literature review undertaken. The laboratory scripts were reviewed and a visual brand developed for all laboratory-related docume […]

In April 2014, CEDE hosted a workshop run jointly with The Open University, with funding support from HEA STEM. The workshop was entitled “Enhancing the practical skills of engineering undergraduates - where can technology help?”. The format was very interactive with breakout discussions focusing on what practical work students do currently, what the Intended Learning Outcomes are, and to w […]