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The activity aims: To understand how students currently use the feedback they receive, To identify/develop appropriate resources to support students to make more effective use of their feedback, To inform staff of the ways in which students currently use their feedback.

Focus group discussions, in combination with questionnaires, are to be used to explore student use of feedback and the […]

This activity aims to understand how students in AACME currently use the feedback they receive and, if necessary, to develop resources to support students to make more effective use of their feedback.

Both online and paper-based questionnaires have been used with students in AACME to gather data on their feedback practices and to determine any influencing factors.

The findings o […]

Existing functionality in MATLAB is required to be converted into a more accessible system. Staff want to be able to section up an assessment, and then apply weighting to each section. The tool also needs to have the functionality to mark the assessments and aggregate the marks and weighting together to give a final grade. The tool needs to be able to be used to populate individual feedback let […]

A prototype system has been developed to aid in the understanding of how multiple markers can aggregate feedback for presentations. The prototype system allows presentation markers to select appropriate feedback from established assessment criteria for presentations together with free text during the presentation. Feedback can then be emailed to each presenter as required afterwards.


What is Co-Tutor?

Co-Tutor is a Student & Staff Relationship Management (SSRM) system and is used by academic staff and administrators, at Loughborough University (UK), to communicate with and manage personal tutees, project students, industrial placement activities, postgraduate research supervision and course cohorts. It is a large PHP/MySQL web application with interfaces to the Un […]

Many individual and group coursework assignments are marked by teams of academic tutors. Achieving a consistency in marking can be a challenge where markers have differences in opinion as to what constitutes a specific grade. Grade descriptors help but are not always consistently applied and are very difficult to write to cover a multitude of tasks.

This aimed to adapt existing School […]

The project proposed was to develop a Development of a system/strategy where visiting tutors must record their feedback and grades for each visit they make with industrial students. The students need to be able to view their feedback given and an overview of the grades and marking provided by each visiting tutor must be available and easily feed into a spreadsheet that can be uploaded into LUS […]

A workshop for Engineering and Design Educators was held on 19th September 2011 by the Centre for Engineering and Design Education at Loughborough University as part of the Centre’s EDEN (Engineering and Design Educators Network) seminar series and funded by the HE Academy. Focusing on learning and teaching issues from an engineering and design perspective, EDEN is intended to provide practit […]

The School of Civil and Building Engineering (CBE) and the Wolfson School would like to improve their National Student Survey (NSS) scores for assessment practices, feedback quality and timeliness of coursework return.

Expected outcomes

  • evidence that can be used to help identify what the schools can do strategically to provide good feedback to students, that they value […]

This continuation project will involve members of staff in The Design School undertaking a trial of the paper-based feedback form during Semester 2. The findings from the trial will be evaluated and used to make any necessary amendments to the form.The final form will then be incorporated into Co-Tutor.


A google docs system has been developed which allows staff to record their generic exam feedback and automatically amalgamates the feedback into a single sorted document that can then be placed on the School home Learn page (or similar).


Members of CEDE have previously undertaken three independent studies relating to feedback practice, student perceptions, understanding and use of the feedback they receive. These studies were undertaken in each of three academic years commencing 2011/2012. The legacy of this research was the production of three editions of a ‘Feedback Digest’ and changes to feedback practice within CBE. The […]

Six Personal Tutors trialled the Feedback Passport with their first year personal tutees and reported on the effectiveness of the tool. Students were also surveyed to determine their reaction to the ‘Feedback Passport’.

The reactions to the ‘Feedback Passport’ have been mixed. Feedback from the Personal Tutors indicated that the main issues were the large size (A4 file) and the […]

Appropriate grade descriptors and assessment criteria for presentations in The Design School have been developed. In addition, a bank of feedback comments to be used by staff have also been compiled. The feasibility of an automated system has been investigated and user requirements have been determined.


Building upon the work undertaken in the previous year this activity has three main areas of focus. The activity seeks to:

  • 1. Extend the research to include taught postgraduate students in Civil and Building Engineering.
  • 2. Support continuous improvement by identifying where further support could be provided to staff implementing the advice from the […]

The Wolfson School requested an exploratory project looking into both the development of a 'Student Passport' and the development of a system to embed this passport within the learning environment at University. A student passport is a document detailing the feedback the student receives on various pieces of coursework. As well as helping to close the feedback loop, a feedback passport offers […]