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Project Portfolio

This project is an extension of best practice from the earlier laboratory refresh project in Department of Materials to other departments in AACME School, to enhance the student laboratory experience. An assessment was made of how to adapt the Materials laboratory refresh model to the other parts of the School.

Semi-structured interviews were held with staff and students to capture their views of the changes. A number of the new laboratory sessions were observed and comparisons drawn with the previous experimental module.


A set of guidelines has been prepared ("Professional Laboratories for 21st Century Students: Guidelines for Implementation"), based on the process of enhancing the laboratory experience for students in the Department of Materials. This guidance captures the lessons learned in the earlier project, and includes the views of staff and students following the changes. It also describes the process of generating ideas, and prioritising them within the project team. Advice is offered on "quick wins" and more substantial changes, and the key success factors for such a project in the future.

Photo of Lynda Gibbins Photo of Glynis  Perkin