The Centre for Engineering and Design Education

Project Portfolio

This project commenced with a review of the literature to determine the features that contribute to effective and ineffective assessment criteria. Following on from the research, documents were produced to guide staff on writing effective assessment criteria and grade descriptors for particular assessment types in order to ensure consistency in marking and demonstrate transparency to students.

A number of individual resources have been produced:

A ten-band ‘Level Descriptor’

A ‘Pathway for Developing Assessment Criteria’

‘Assessment Criteria with Grade Descriptor Guidelines’ for:

  • Essays
  • Posters
  • Project Reports
  • Oral Presentations

A ‘Marking and Feedback' Template

A checklist for writing assessment criteria

The individual documents have been combined and a booklet demonstrating good and bad practice relating to assessment criteria has been produced.

The title of this document is 'Towards Good Practice: writing assessment criteria and grade descriptors'.

Photo of Glynis  Perkin Photo of Lynda Gibbins