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The need to develop a sustainable and robust energy infrastructure for the UK over the coming decade will result in a radical overhaul of the energy system. The required level of investment in new infrastructure is inciting a growing need for appropriate HE-industry knowledge transfer frameworks geared to the specific needs of the industry. In the international context, the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD 2009 study, has already stated that ensuring a skilled workforce for the energy sector is inseparable from other policy actions; and this should be a top priority policy issue in national energy policy strategies, particularly during the current economic crisis. In response, the MEGS-KT project examines how an appropriate, tailored, industry-driven online Continued Professional Development service can be developed by working with a community of existing regional SMEs, large companies, entrepreneurs, local enterprise partnerships (LLEPs), including the Midlands Energy Graduate School and the Midlands Energy Consortium.


The project aims were to provide a learning framework and the structure for a community of practice, bringing together existing ICT tools in a mosaic approach to provide high quality content managed by a self-regulating community, intelligent about content. The project provided the pattern for an e-learning environment appropriate for the energy section and for the delivery of CPD.


Outputs of the project included:

  • a learning and teaching assessment of local energy sector companies
  • an examination of existing industry-driven e-learning platforms both in the UK and internationally
  • a series of evening lectures for collaborators and visiting industry and academic fellows, captured and made available online
  • research and development dissemination
  • the collaborative development of an online framework for the delivery of energy CPD and sharing of resources.

PowerPoint presentation from the initial pitch to funders

PowerPoint presentation interim progress meeting October 2012

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