The Centre for Engineering and Design Education

Project Portfolio

The workshop is intended for outreach purposes and will comprise a stand-alone, stimulating, hands-on group engineering activity for up to 30 prospective students to be used at different outreach events. The workshop activity should last for up to 60 minutes and involve engineering skills and concepts from the School’s domain, be sustainable and affordable.

The activity is required as a support to raise awareness of discipline specific concepts. The completed output should be aimed at 16-17 year olds (but with some adaptability for younger age groups).

The completed output should:

  • Serve to introduce engineering knowledge, skills and concepts connected with EESE.
  • Be hands-on for as many of the team as possible for as much of the duration as practical
  • Engage all members
  • Challenge a range of ability levels up to and including A-level science students
  • Have clear goals and built in feedback for successful performance
  • Be achievable in the time allowed
  • Last between 45 and 90 minutes, though normally 60 minutes as standard
  • Be fun!

Photo of Caroline Lowery