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CASPA is an online system that enables staff to schedule all types of degree programme and module assessments and to record student submissions of physical items of coursework. It is a large web based application with interfaces to the University's Student Information System (LUSI). CASPA can be accessed on and off campus by staff in order to schedule module and programme assessments and to view student submissions made through CASPA.

CASPA is a complete programme assessment scheduler and physical coursework submission system divided into 3 sections – the ‘Assessment Scheduler’, the ‘Coursework Submission Tool’ and ‘CASPA Administration’.

The ‘Assessment Scheduler’ section enables staff to:

  • Enter details for any type of module or programme assessment (for example presentations, reports, examinations, performances). Assessment details must include a title, hand-in date and the type of assessment, and can additionally include assessment credits, specific hand-in items expected and an expected return date for giving submissions back to students.
  • View schedules of assessments by programme year, semester and week. This helps staff to co-ordinate assessment hand-in dates to ensure that assessments are spread evenly throughout each semester or academic year.
  • View a schedule of assessments for a particular student to help minimise the risk of student overburdening of workload within the academic year.
  • Print out/create a pdf of assessment schedules to provide to staff and students as necessary.

The ‘Coursework Submission Tool’ section enables staff to:

  • Record student submissions against assessments (physical types only i.e. written documents etc) and issue an email receipt for their submission.
  • Record the actual date that work was returned back to students.
  • Email all students who have submitted coursework with details of where and when to collect their work and feedback after marking.
  • Email all students who have failed to submit coursework with details of any reminder or further information that you feel appropriate.
  • Email module staff (staff associated with a module through LUSI) with a personalised message and a list of students who have and have not submitted against an assessment.

The ‘CASPA Administration’ section enables CASPA administrators (CASPA superusers) to undertake key administrative tasks for the CASPA system.

Three guides currently accompany the CASPA System (downloadable from the CASPA website):

  • Guide 1: How to add assessments using CASPA
  • Guide 2: Using the Assessment Scheduler in CASPA
  • Guide 3: Using the Coursework Submission Tool in CASPA

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