The Centre for Engineering and Design Education

Engineering and Design Teaching Awards

Teaching awards have been provided by the Centre for Academic Practice here at Loughborough University in recognition of excellence in teaching and learning. There are two awards given; the Teaching Innovation Award, an annual funding to support new developments as pedagogic and research projects, and the Research-informed Teaching Award recognising excellence in teaching. In recognition of the work going on in our Schools, here are 2015’s Teaching Award recipients within Engineering and Design schools. For more information about the awards and the process of receiving one, contact the Centre for Academic Practice or click this link: Teaching Awards

Teaching Innovation award, 2015

Award winners for Engineering and Design Schools.

 Mark Snape, Kelly Morrison and Michael Walsh  (EESE/SCI/LDS)
  • Developing a student-led video library for undergraduate experimental labs
 ‌Ian Storer and Karl Hurn (LDS)
  • Capturing and disseminating design expertise across large student cohorts
 Simon Martin and Daniel O’Boy (AACME)
  • Drop-in Labs: Exploring Engineering Concepts

 Research-informed Teaching Award, 2015

Two awards were won by colleagues in the Engineering Schools:

  Prof. Memis Acar (MME)  Memis designed and initiated a new research module (Advanced Engineering Research) in the Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with the aim of supporting Part D MEng students develop the skills necessary for further study at Doctoral level.
   Duncan Walker (AACME) Duncan has used his own research in applied aerodynamics to bring real world examples into the classroom environment. His 4th year Experimental Fluids Mechanics (EFM) module is constructively aligned to take the students through all phases of experimentation including planning and design, analysis and presentation of results and application of different measurement techniques.