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Current CEDE Projects

Here is an up-to-date list of the Projects CEDE are working on for the current academic year. To view a project please find it in the list below, or to search for a specific project please use the form below.


Current Projects for 2014-15

CASPA is the Coursework and Assessment Scheduler for Programme Administration developed by CEDE (Centre for Engineering and Design Education). The system can be accessed on and off campus and allows staff to schedule any type of module assessment including physical, virtual (Learn/TurnItIn), performance, presentation, examination, laboratory, workshop etc. Students can use CASPA to view their a […]

CEDE have been asked to create a series of videos demonstrating various methods of chromatography.The videos will be used to support teaching and to illustrate how the equipment is used.

Understanding chromatography is vital to chemical Engineers as it can be used to find the amount of an active ingredient in a final product, such as in the production of medicines. Or to make sure that […]

Many individual and group coursework assignments are marked by teams of academic tutors. Achieving a consistency in marking can be a challenge where markers have differences in opinion as to what constitutes a specific grade. Grade descriptors help but are not always consistently applied and are very difficult to write to cover a multitude of tasks.

This aimed to adapt existing School […]

Options to simplify the process of generating, approving and storing COSHH forms were explored in this small project. Commercial software solutions were investigated together with ways to utilise existing in-house technology tools will be explored.

The departmental Safety Officer was interviewed to understand better the process of COSHH form generation, approval and storage. The in-hous […]

The project proposed was to develop a Development of a system/strategy where visiting tutors must record their feedback and grades for each visit they make with industrial students. The students need to be able to view their feedback given and an overview of the grades and marking provided by each visiting tutor must be available and easily feed into a spreadsheet that can be uploaded into LUS […]

A more user friendly online interface for students to aid them in making an informed decision about their elective module choices has been developed.

The existing webpages have been redesigned to provide a more user friendly experience for students. Students are now able to access their required module material efficiently using a tabbed structure. The completed pages have been develop […]

This project initially investigated good practice for the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning for engineering students. A comprehensive review of the literature was undertaken with publications classified into content delivery, lecture capture, mobile applications, MOOC's, remote laboratories, software, general reports on technology enhanced learning, ePortfolios, writing for wik […]

This continuation project will involve members of staff in The Design School undertaking a trial of the paper-based feedback form during Semester 2. The findings from the trial will be evaluated and used to make any necessary amendments to the form.The final form will then be incorporated into Co-Tutor.


This project is an extension of best practice from the earlier laboratory refresh project in Department of Materials to other departments in AACME School, to enhance the student laboratory experience. An assessment was made of how to adapt the Materials laboratory refresh model to the other parts of the School.

Semi-structured interviews were held with staff and students to capture thei […]

The main concept behind Design Mashup was to provide an online platform for product and industrial design students at the Design School to discuss and analyse properties of both existing and new products in a secure, structured and comfortable environment. The environment combines open source blog and forum software with a specifically developed Critique Wizard in a seamless interactive manner. […]

Appropriate grade descriptors and assessment criteria for presentations in The Design School have been developed. In addition, a bank of feedback comments to be used by staff have also been compiled. The feasibility of an automated system has been investigated and user requirements have been determined.


Minor updates to the system were developed for the Chemical Engineering Department. New fields for the project editing form and a new report enabling a view the back office information contained in those fields were delivered.


A small review of the literature has been undertaken. Meetings have been arranged with appropriate members of staff to look at best practice in other departments. Focus groups will be undertake with CBE students.

A report which sets out good practice in designing, assessing and feeding back on group coursework, with specific guidance on peer assessment (i.e. types, design, weighting tre […]

This project seeks to assess the new Systems Engineering distance learning module to capture the staff and student perspective and thereby to extend good practice to enhance other teaching elements.

The project objectives are to:

  • 1. Evaluate ELP660 from the perspective of: Participating Students, Module Leaders/Specialist Lecturers, Module Helpers, Fee payers (employers) […]

The WebPA system will be enhanced to enable students to be randomly assigned to groups.