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I have the pleasure of presenting to you our ninth and final EDEN FLIX film screening for this academic year 2014/2015 – ‘No Impact Man’. This will take place on Wednesday 27th May 2015 at 15:00 in the Design Studio, 1st Floor Keith Green Building, Loughborough University. This documentary looks at how Colin Beaven decided to undertake an experiment of a zero impact lifestyle on the environment for one year, taking his wife and daughter along with him. It’s a refreshing look at how life can be different in a good way when we no longer rely on the items that are part of the consumerist society and look towards what nature has to offer us. Take a break from revision/research, come down with your own snacks and have a cup of tea/coffee/juice/water on us. 🙂 [...]
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I hope that you all have had a restful Easter vacation so far and are enjoying the warm weather. For the final academic term for 2015/2016, we have two EDEN FLIX film screenings to present to you. Our eighth screening is of ‘9/11 Explosive Evidence Experts Speak Out’ which will take place on Wednesday 29th April 2015 at 15:00 in the Design Studio, 1st Floor Keith Green Building, Loughborough University. You are all cordially invited to learn more about what the film has to say from some architects and engineers point of view on what happened on 11th September 2001. This will look at the World Trade Centre 7 building (which most people were not aware of) and its collapse. This will be followed by a discussion session with the audience who will have the chance to critique the film. [...]
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