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On the 16th of September I attended the S-Lab conference at the university of Leeds. It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and I found it especially interesting to see how different institutions and companies dealt with the various challenges that lab design and operation takes and also how lab and work space design can encourage group work from a discipline and environment traditionally seen as very individual. I went to a very interesting presentation given by Dorothea Mangels from the University of Warwick. The presentation was about the recovery of helium in science labs, through super cooling and compressing the gas back into a liquid. It was also interesting that the system they described for pumping the helium had one central container piped to wherever the helium is needed, rather than lots of smaller canisters, right next to where the helium is needed. Before this talk I had not realised the importance of recycling lab gasses, and that gasses which are so abundant in the atmosphere could be so difficult and costly to extract in a usable state. Furthermore liquid Helium is a very difficult substance to deal with, as in its supercooled state it has 0 viscosity, meaning that as the [...]
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A while back I read this post which intrigued me about how you could use such a small device like a Raspberry Pi with a variant of Linux to run a screen with the key information that you needed to display. Recently, our machine in CEDE that runs our screen which displays the room booking information had trouble booting up with long boot up times or freezing and requiring a restart. Speaking to Paul who is our resident IT expert, he checked with Ray who manages our IT Services locally about installing Ubuntu. We were given the green light and so this started my ‘techie’ project. For most people, Ubuntu would be the best place to start when looking for an alternative OS to Windows and Mac OSX. I had a copy of Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (Long term support) on a USB stick that I used as a live version with other variants of Linux. I had created this sometime ago. Looking at the Ubuntu website, they had released 14.04.2 LTS. For purposes of security and stability I decided to download this and ‘install’ it onto my USB. At that time, it did not occur to me that the software I used – YUMI [...]
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A long time ago I mentioned that I would share some photos and video footage that Abdi and I had taken whilst we were at the UNITECH General Assembly (GA) 2014 in Delft, Netherlands. I’m sure some of you may have come across the videos if you’re part of the UNITECH Alumni Association. Anyway, in order to reminisce what happened and to give an idea of what we’re looking forward to in Dublin for the UNITECH GA 2015, take a look at the links below. UNITECH Trialogue 2014 – Round 1 UNITECH Trialogue 2014 – Round 2 UNITECH Trialogue 2014 – Round 3 UNITECH Trialogue 2014 – Round 4 UNITECH Graduation 2014 In case you did not see my comment on my earlier blog post, here are some photos taken by photographers appointed by Delft University of Technology (aka TU Delft). I forgot that Abdi and I had taken some photos during the event as well. So here’s a different perspective and a reminder of some of the great ideas by the 2013-14 and 2014-15 students. Maybe see you in Dublin? [...]
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