The Centre for Engineering and Design Education

Our Work

CEDE is funded to help the engineering and design Schools at Loughborough University by undertaking research or projects to improve the student learning experience and encourage effective and efficient practice and innovation in teaching. The CEDE staff offer a wide range of skills with a team of learning technologists, pedagogic researchers, academics and students. The projects undertaken each academic year are agreed after discussion with our partner Schools, based on their priorities and our skills and available resources. Emphasis is given to projects that improve the student experience and encourage the transfer of good practice between Schools.

What can CEDE do for me?

CEDE is renowned for producing high quality, evidence-based, bespoke teaching, learning and assessment resources and developing administrative tools that achieve real efficiencies, saving academics’ time and lessening the administrative burden and enhancing the student learning experience. The project-led approach allows academics to develop their ideas within an inter-disciplinary team consisting of technologists, researchers and teachers, all of whom bring specialist knowledge and experience and, more importantly, time to explore the problem and come up with robust solutions, many of which embed the outcome of scientific research into teaching and learning tools.

Have a proposal?

CEDE runs a call for projects from each School on an academic yearly cycle. Please discuss your idea with your CEDE management board member, listed below, who will be able to work with your School’s ADT to priortise the proposals put forward. Contact CEDE for the deadline for the next round of proposals.

  • Matt Best, Steve Tarleton, Simon Martin (AACME)
  • Graham Sander (CBE)
  • Vince Dwyer, Ella-Mae Hubbard (EESE)
  • Darren Southee (LDS)
  • Peter Willmot (MM)

To see a list of current projects please visit our current projects page.

If you require more immediate help to solve a problem, or for help and advice in any aspect of teaching and learning, please visit our support and resources section or you can contact one of the team.

From the 1st May 2016, the Centre will be closing and a new learning technologies and digital innovation group will be formed within the University’s IT Services. Most of the CEDE team will be taking on new and exciting positions within the group and will join forces with the existing e-learning systems team in ITS. Two CEDE staff members, Glynis and Sarah, will be moving to the Centre for Academic Practice and will be working as Associates to the new group on learning technology and digital innovation projects.