The Centre for Engineering and Design Education

CEDE Staff

From the 1st May 2016, the Centre will be closing and a new learning technologies and digital innovation group will be formed within the University’s IT Services. Most of the CEDE team will be taking on new and exciting positions within the group and will join forces with the existing e-learning systems team in ITS. Two CEDE staff members, Glynis and Sarah, will be moving to the Centre for Academic Practice and will be working as Associates to the new group on learning technology and digital innovation projects.

The Centre receives funding for core staff (3.62 FTE), equally from the 4 Engineering Schools and the Loughborough Design School. Additional Centre staff are funded through external project funding. Core funding is broken down in the following way; 1.0 FTE manager, 0.4 FTE administrator and 2.22 FTE project staff (~ 0.5 FTE per School).

Here is the list of current members of the CEDE team, from here you can navigate through to each individual staff page and find their respective profiles and publications.

Melanie King

Photo of Melanie King

Head of Centre

Steve Rothberg

Photo of Steve Rothberg

Academic Lead

James Bacon

Photo of James Bacon

CEDE Intern

Sarah Bamforth

Photo of Sarah Bamforth

Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator (Education)

Kay Davey

Photo of Kay Davey

Centre Administrator (Secondment cover)

Lynda Gibbins

Photo of Lynda Gibbins

Information Officer

Caroline Lowery

Photo of Caroline Lowery

Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator (Technology)

Glenda McMahon

Photo of Glenda McMahon

Design and Publicity Officer

Matt Mould

Photo of Matt Mould

PHP and Web Developer

Paul Newman

Photo of Paul  Newman

Senior PHP Developer

Alicia Pegg

Photo of Alicia Pegg

CEDE Intern

Glynis Perkin

Photo of Glynis  Perkin

Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator (Employability)