The Centre for Engineering and Design Education


From the 1st May 2016, the Centre will be closing and a new Learning Technologies and Digital Innovation group will be formed within the University’s IT Services.  Most of the CEDE team will be taking on new and exciting positions within the group and will join forces with the existing e-learning systems team in ITS.  Two CEDE staff members, Glynis and Sarah, will be moving to the Centre for Academic Practice and will be working as Associates to the new group on learning technology and digital innovation projects. We are looking forward to working with our new colleagues and the new opportunities that this will bring.  We are also very grateful for working with such engaged and supportive engineering and design educators over the past decade (and longer for some of us!) on a huge variety of interesting and significant projects. A final CEDE stakeholder report will be published in May.  Academics within the Schools are working on the next phase of engineering education activities that will build upon the work of the Centres for Engineering Education at Loughborough University over the past 18 years (EngTLSC, EEC, EngCETL, HEA Eng Subject Centre, CEDE).  If you are interested in getting involved please contact [...]
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A team from the Institute for Teaching, Innovation and Learning (INSTIL) at the University of West London have gathered 12 free apps that they believe could be useful to people in higher education. From 1st December, one app will be revealed per day on the 12 Apps of Christmas website. The 12 Apps of Christmas is open to everyone.  You’ll need a smart phone or tablet and about 15 minutes per day to visit the website, discover the app, and have a go with a short activity.  The team would love you to share your tips so, download the apps, try them out, then share your insights and ideas on the website or through twitter. [...]
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Each year CEDE produces a report for its stakeholders, summarising the projects undertaken with our partner Schools, and highlighting the breadth of other activities we collaborate on across the University and beyond. These activities include support for student-led activities and the Unitech programme, and for individual academics. CEDE has hosted or supported a range of events over the year, including the M5 Advanced Manufacturing Conference and the British Computer Society’s 20th Annual SQM and INSPIRE 2015 International Conference. This year’s report also includes an overview of CEDE’s successful, agile and collaborative approach to projects and problem solving, which has led to major changes in practice within Schools. To view an electronic copy of the report, click here Hard copies will shortly be distributed to our stakeholders and colleagues across the University. [...]
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